Stargate(Yıldız Geçidi)

Yıldızgeçidi(Stargate) 1994’te Film olarak sahne almış .Ve 1997 yılında Tv serisi olarak devam etmiştir.
10 sezon boyunca Stargate SG-1  serisi olarak devam eden efsane film, SG-1’a paralel  yan dizi olan  Stargate Atlantis  ile  5 sezon daha
biz stargate severleri ekran başına toplamıştır. Tam bitti derken yapımcılarının duyurusu ile SGU yani Stargate Universe duyurulmuştur  ve başlayan yeni serinin ilk sezonunun ardından gelen  2. sezondan sonra SGU ne yazık ki reyting sıkıntılarından dolayı bitmiştir.Tv serileri’nin geçtiği yıllarda ilk film dışında bir kaç tane daha filmi gösterime girmiş olan Yıldızgeçidi serisi bilim-kurgu severlerin, özellikle SG-1 (SGC) ardından Atlantis (SGA) zevkle izleyebileceği seridir.



Stargate: The Ark of Truth – 2008 Mart(March) SG-1 TV Serisi-> SG-1 devam filmi (SG-1 Movie)
Stargate: Continuum – 2008 Haziran(june) SG-1 TV Serisi->SG-1 devam filmi (SG-1Movie)

TV Serisi:

Stargate SG-1 (1997-2007)
Stargate Infinity(animasyon) (2002-2003)
Stargate Atlantis (2004-2009)
Stargate Universe (2009-2011)


Stargate Worlds
Stargate Resistance











Kurt Russel Stargate 1994 filminde oynadı. Stargate SG-1 dizisinde Jack karakterini Richard Dean Anderson( ünlü Amerikan dizisi MacGyver baş rol oyuncusu) oynadı.Daniel Jackson’ı Filmde James Spader dizide ise Michael Shanks canlandırıyor.

Kurt Russel(Albay Jack O’neil) Ve James Spader (Dr. Daniel Jackson)

Michael Shanks (Dr. Daniel Jackson) ve Richard Dean Anderson (Albay Jack O’neill)

One thought on “Stargate(Yıldız Geçidi)

  1. The SG-1 series may be over, but new material keeps coming out. Stargate: Continuum is the second motion picture after the series finale and once again, SG-1 fans will be pleased.As usual, familiarity with the show is a huge must because there is no character background or even story history. The film jumps right into its own plot with the expectation that the viewer knows the background of the series. Does one need to be an aficionado? No. Just the general basics will do. The show will explain just a few things to help out.Stargate and time travel. 2 fantastic concepts come together to form this motion picture. Time travel alone can create an interesting plot and it does once again here. The nice thing about the story is that it isn’t all that difficult to follow. There is good enough explanation to explain the events of meddling with time travel and while not everything is given an exact answer, there are Carter’s theories that are enough to satisfy the question.The earlier parts of the plot are all character and story, with the time spanning over 1 year. Any SG-1 fan will not worry because the story is far from boring. Besides, the action comes out to play in the latter parts with some great CG and air battles reminiscent of Independence DayThe cast is all intact once again with appearances from Richard Dean Anderson and Don Davis to top things off. I will also add that Claudia Black just looks yummy in her Quetesh outfit. There is even a cameo from good ol’ Ra.Stargate: Continuum is a movie made for SG-1 fans and it will be a shame for those that pass this up. It is a most excellent watch.

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